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Erotic Paranomal Romance ARC - Investor, Blue Moon House 5 #paranormal #erotic #menage #vampires #bdsm #lgbtq #reviewers #arccopies

The fifth Blue Moon House volume is only a month away and I'm looking for readers willing to review.

READERS Wanted: Erotic Paranomal Romance ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) signup for Blue Moon House Investor by bestselling Author Angelica Dawson below!

Blurb: Terrance is fascinated with the vampires of Blue Moon House. When a fire leaves them homeless, he seizes the opportunity to build them a new house in America. With them in his debt, he buys time to win their affection. However, a ship at sea is not the safest place for a trio of vampires. Undaunted, they set off on a voyage of wonder, danger and pleasure. Investor is the fifth installment of the Blue Moon House series. However, as each subsequent volume is set further in the past, they may be read in any order.

All reviewers who accept an ARC copy and successfully post a review for Investor on Goodreads and Amazon within the first week of its release (September 1-7) will be automatically entered into a draw for a $50 Amazon gift card! What could be better? A chance to be the first to read Investor and a chance for a free gift card! ARC copies will be sent out the week of August 20th. All you have to do to get yours is sign up here.

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New release from @Phoenix_Johnson - Persephone #paranormal #fantasy #angels #newrelease

From the Bestselling Author who brought you the Award Winning Paranormal Romance Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Wolf Smitten book 2) comes a new Fantasy Paranormal Romance!

Author Phoenix Johnson is thrilled to introduce her next title, Persephone!

The beautiful cover, by the talented and lovely Fiona Jayde!

In this sweet fantasy, Persephone must overcome her abusive past and the alluring call of the Darkness to discover her destiny and the truth about her heritage. 

Released August 1, 2015, Persephone is the sweeter side of fantasy, much like the books Phoenix grew up reading. She thoroughly enjoyed writing this delightful tale, and sincerely hopes that those who purchase and read Persephone get as much satisfaction from it as she did. 

Persephone takes her future and heart into her own hands when she meets a mysterious man on a sweet summer day. However, when tragedy strikes, Adrian begs her to follow one request: head to the sea. 
Determined to honor his request, she begins a journey where she discovers her true heritage and family. The problem is, a dangerous past is nipping at her heels every step of the way. Will she make it to the sea and find her destiny? Or will she lose everything she fought so hard to find?

A kindred spirit. His warm brown eyes seemed to glow in the muted forest light, and the sun coming from behind hit his hair and it shone brighter than before, almost creating a halo. She shook her head lightly, berating herself for her fanciful thoughts. He was just an ordinary man. An ordinary man who was now a lot closer and stretching out his hand in greeting.
“I’m Adrian,” he introduced himself. “I’m from Adiron, just north of the forest.”
Persephone took his hand and a small bolt of electricity ran through her arm. Her eyes widened and she saw Adrian’s do the same.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m not sure what happened there.”
Persephone smiled softly, though her heart still pounded from the shock. “That’s okay.” They looked at each other and laughed as they realized they’d repeated their first words to each other almost exactly. “I’m Persephone.” She chuckled, delighting in the merry sound of his deep laugh and the way his warm eyes seemed to dance, slightly crinkled at the corners from his mirth. “I’m from Mythosandria, just through the trees to the east. To be honest, I’m also trying to escape for some peace.”
Adrian nodded, a knowing look in his eyes. “I’ll share my story if you share yours.” He suddenly grinned devilishly.
She couldn’t help but flash her own grin in response. A deep breath sent sharp pain through her ribs, reminding her of why she was out here. She grimaced in pain, holding her hands to her side.
Adrian stepped forward, concern deepening his voice. “Are you all right?”
Persephone nodded, pain straining her voice. “I will be. Just some bruised ribs, courtesy of the drunkard I’m supposed to call Father.” Slowly straightening her stance, she took shallow breaths as the discomfort subsided. She glanced up at Adrian, who stood a head taller than her, despite being rather tall herself. His eyes had darkened and were almost black. She noticed his eyes scan her face, pausing on her cheek, and she guessed that a bruise was starting to show where she’d been struck. Adrian reached up his large hand to gently brush the tender flesh and Persephone flinched as a small stab of pain radiated from her cheek. He paused, his hand hovering over the skin but not touching while his eyes, still dark with anger, seemed to search her own, looking for what she didn’t know.
“Your own father did this to you?” he demanded quietly, his voice steady but his growing fury imminent. All she could do was nod and look down. His finger hooked her chin to force her to look up. “You do not look down in shame. You have nothing to ashamed about. He’s the brute who should be ashamed. I have half a mind to tell him as such.”
As he turned in the direction of her village, Persephone grabbed his arm. “No, please don’t!” she cried, hating herself for sounding so weak. “It’s not all the time; he just has bad days, that’s all.”
“And that gives him the right to lay a hand in anger on you? You should not be defending him. You’re the one who needs defending.”
His words pricked her pride. “Like I’m a defenseless, helpless maiden in need of rescuing? I can defend myself, thank you.” Anger flooded her where fear had been only moments before. “I won’t be standing idly by for much longer, I’ll have you know. I don’t care that they have plans for me to marry that pig the mayor calls a son,” she spat. “I just need to find somewhere to go when I leave.”
Adrian stood back and looked her up and down. She watched him take in her fiery stance and nod. “Glad to hear it.”


Persephone is available in ebook at All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Naughty Nights Press, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and on iTunes, as well as in paperback at Amazon, CreateSpace, and Barnes & Noble. 

About the Author
Phoenix Johnson has always been intrigued by the written word. Even when she was a young girl, she usually had her nose stuck in at least one book, and her need to read would drive her to peruse the back of the same cereal box each morning at breakfast.
Paranormal and fantasy captured her heart, with tales about dragons, magic, and fanciful creatures sweeping her away to a wonderful new world where she felt she truly belonged. While she dabbled in writing while in primary school, it wasn’t until high school that she decided she should try her hand at writing her own book, and even gave poetry a try.
She wandered away from writing for a few years, but was soon encouraged to return and, within months of picking up the proverbial pen, Phoenix’ first story, The Wolf In The Neighborhood, was accepted for publication by Naughty Nights Press. While working on the rest of the Wolf Smitten Trilogy, Phoenix decided to take on a university degree, and is now in the final stretch of her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, with plans to continue on to her Master’s degree.
In early 2015, Phoenix was thrilled to discover she’d made two Top 5 lists with three entries in the 2015 Easychair Bookshop Awards. In June, it was announced she had placed first in Best Paranormal with Once Bitten, Twice Shy, the second instalment in her Wolf Smitten Trilogy, while The Wolf In The Neighborhood and Wolf Smitten placed third in their respective categories of Best Paranormal and Best Series. With her inclusion in the Alphas on the Prowl Box Set in 2015, Phoenix hit the top 100 bestsellers lists across numerous distributors, number 1 bestseller on several Amazon lists, and this was quickly followed by the announcement of her achievement of number 1 bestseller for her publisher, Naughty Nights Press, for the full second quarter of 2015. The awards and achievements have only served to strengthen her ambitions, and she is now aiming at reaching the bestseller lists for USA Today and New York Times.
Phoenix has been working hard to make 2015 her year, and has been busy organizing paranormal anthology Twisted Tales with seven other authors. Its release at the end of June was greatly anticipated, and she is extremely excited to see where her writing career takes her next.
To follow other projects by Phoenix Johnson, please visit her website here. She can also be found on Facebook, where you can sign up to her newsletter, The Nest. She is also on Twitter.

Inspirational image for Persephone by Babbette Van Den Berg

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#SatSpanks Blue Moon House #erotica #BDSM

This is my first week on Saturday Spanks, but I've seen many of my friends posting. It's past time I joined in the fun. I hope you'll all go easy on me, but I'm not going easy on you. Here is a bright red tease from Slave, the fourth Blue Moon House book.

Blurb: How does a slave become an equal? What does it take for a young man to see women in a new light?

Will has no interest in women. He thinks them all animals to be trained, beaten. It doesn't take him long to discover his preference for men, but time and error reveal how wrong his view toward women is. Before long, he is able to separate the way he treats women, which is still horrific, from the way he regards women, as fellow human beings.

He felt softness on the backs of his legs and then a single point moving up his side, a fingertip.
He had just started to relax into the soft tingling when something cracked against his backside, flaring pain in his ass cheeks. He tried to sit back, cover the exposed skin, but Nicholas took hold of the ropes linking Will’s elbows and lifted him upright.
“Red. Tell me when you see red,” he tried to tell Will.
A second stroke landed near the first, offset just enough to not sting. He’d had punishers as careful. They made each stroke hit a slightly new area so that none hurt too much, but his entire backside burned in the same heated glow.

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Thursday Taster: Pandora 24

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“I thought the evil queen was chasing her.”
The women cackled. “Precisely.”
“But you are already queen.”
“Martin didn't need to know that. And because Victor holds my chain, as much as he is able, dallying with Martin was at no cost to myself.”
“I still don't understand how his wife gave birth to a girl of any power.”
“I've told you it isn't only maternal lineage. Otherwise princesses who escape would have magical daughters. We need that male input, as much as I wish we didn't.” Helen threw leaves in a tea pot and added the boiling water.
“I have no royal blood,” Tabitha said with pride.
“I think you must be mistaken. Perhaps an exiled prince? It doesn't matter. The point is, the most mundane woman can have a magical daughter, provided she is sired by royalty.”
Pandora listened, stunned. She hadn't seen her mother in years, and now she learned it was because she was being a mother to another girl, one who hadn't appreciated it.
“Do you want a cup?”
Pandora blinked, feeling tears on her lashes. “Um, yes, thank you.” She rose to take it.
Helen kept the cup and took her hand. “What's wrong?”
“You left me to be her mother.”
Helen let out a sigh and set the cup on the table, wrapping her arms around Pandora. “Only because I knew you were in the best care. Think, Bianca had nothing. Her mother was dead and her father was waiting to marry her off to the best ally. She needed me more than you did. And I'm here now,” she reminded her daughter. “You have me while Bianca sleeps.”
Pandora shuddered. “You should release her. Were you ever put in the death-sleep? It's awful.”
Tabitha handed Pandora her tea. “You are special, love. Most people don't feel the passing of the death-sleep. Your mother doesn't and I expect Bianca won't either.”
Helen's eyes went wide. “You are conscious in the death-sleep? I didn't know that was possible.” Then she shuddered too. “Oh that would be horrible. No, Pandora, I didn't condemn her to that. I'm preserving and hiding her.”
“You can't teach her while she sleeps,” Pandora pointed out, sipping her tea.
“I can't teach her at all,” Helen said flatly. “She refuses. Tabitha?”
“She took the apple from me, but I could tell she didn't want anything more. I doubt she would trust me.”
“Is there no one else?” Pandora asked.
The women looked at her.
“I can't teach anyone!” she cried. “I've only just learned myself.”
“I will give the lessons, but you could be her peer, another pupil,” Tabitha suggested. “You can assure her that I mean no harm.”
Helen nodded. “It might work. We should try. You can always put her back to sleep if things don't work out.”
Pandora thumped back onto the bed, scalding herself with hot tea. She only grimaced and fluffed her skirt. “I don't know if I can do that.”
“Oh, don't worry, dear,” Tabitha assured her. “You won't have to lie to her or put on any act. You are an experienced student and she is a new one. All you need is to be her friend, put her at ease.”
Her cup rattled as she tried to set it back on the saucer. “I've never had a real friend.” That brought back memories of Magnificent. She set the cup carefully on the floor before weeping openly.
“Oh, love,” Helen murmured, sitting beside Pandora and holding her. “I'm so sorry you didn't have anyone.”
“That's not it. He killed them, Tabitha. All of them. I saw them, broken and lifeless on the ground. How could he?”
“They would have attacked him, Pandora. Even you would defend yourself if attacked. He may be a monster, but don't count that against him.”
“No,” she replied feeling bile in her throat. “I'll hate him for coming to my bed wearing their blood.” Her magic surged past her ability to contain it and the coals flared into flame and a hot wind blowing through the cottage.
It was immediately countered with a flow directing the smoke back up the chimney. Then Tabitha put a shield around Pandora, keeping her magic under the lid.
“Calm down, child. You'll kill us and yourself lashing out like that.”
The fight went out of her and she sagged into her mother. “I don't want to wake her, not yet. Can we wait a while?” She sniffled. “Can I have you to myself for a while?” she asked her mother.
“Of course, Pandora.” Helen kissed the top of Pandora's head. “I'm all yours.”

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#MidWeekTease - Blue Moon House Investor

Happy Humpday! What better to help pull you through the rest of the week than a hot tease from a new title? Investor is the working title for the 5th Blue Moon House book, focused on Terrance and his passage with the vampires to America.

“Ah, Terrance,” Lynn greeted him. “We were just telling Kate about our decision to leave.”
“We think we'll head back to the continent, France.” Nicholas said. “We can make our way east from there on foot.”
“What about Kate?” he asked. “Surely her creditor will chase you.”
All three hung their heads and Terrance noticed tears on Kate's cheeks.
“We can't help her,” Sophia admitted. “She will have to find another employer, possibly work for Crane himself.”
At that Kate burst into sobs. “He will beat it out of me. Or worse, sell me to the vilest of his partners.”
Terrance shook his head, trying to come up with another solution. “You won't leave today, will you?”
The vampires regarded one another and he imagined that was exactly what they had planned.
“Please. Stay another night. Surely we can find another solution.” It took a few moments, but Sophia nodded and the others with her. “Um, Cook has made breakfast for all of us. Would you come sit with us?” He felt his face color with shame.
Lynn laughed. “Of course we will. Come Kate, wash your face and join us.”
“Why? So I can owe Terrance as well as Crane?” She wiped at her face with her hand.
Terrance squeezed her shoulder. “You owe me nothing. You are my guest. Please, come and eat.”
She sniffled but agreed.

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Thursday Tasters: Pandora 23

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

Pandora chuckled and traipsed down the trail, a lightly worn path, but it did lead to a well. Using the wooden bucket there, she drew up water and poured it into her tea kettle. The metal reflected better than the wood, and she saw her own face with brown curls framing it. There was a flash and she saw someone somewhere else. Blinking, she took stock of her magic. There was the barest trickle escaping her, not enough to scry. Yet, she could see a young man, a very handsome man, in ragged clothing.
Curious, she looked at the image periodically on her way back to the cottage. Her mother and Tabitha would know.
The two were cackling next to the fire. The noise was familiar from Tabitha, but Pandora would never guess her mother's laughter sounded so sinister.
“Mother, Tabitha, look at this.” She set the kettle down between them and pointed at the reflection.
“That's him, then?” Mother asked. “There is one thing to be said in favour of princes, they are easy on the eyes.”
Pandora stepped back. “That's him?” She took it back. He wasn't handsome. He was ugly, horrid.
“Yes. Where did you drop him?” Tabitha asked, grinning. “I don't recognize that village.”
Pandora blushed a little. “I might have overdone it. I just wanted him as far away as possible.”
Helen cackled. “And you succeeded. He won't find you again this year. It will take him months just to get home.”
“Please tell me I'm not going to see him in every cup of tea,” she begged.
Tabitha stroked her back. “No, dear. It is taking some of your magic, if only the tiniest trickle. Close it off.”
She took a few breaths, focusing on building walls around her heart, holding in her magic. She had studied this, but never practised much. She would be working on it a lot, it seemed. Once certain she had all her magic contained, she peeked into the kettle and saw only herself.
She let out a sigh and the water flashed. Relief had wiped out her wall. She didn't care. She put a lid on the hateful prince and hung it on the fire.
“That was oddly satisfying,” she told the women.
They both cackled again and she joined, though hers was still a girl's giggle.
“So, Mother, you needed Tabitha's help with Bianca?” There were only two stools, but the large bed was part of the same room and Pandora sat on that.
“Yes. Although I know how to brew death-sleep, Tabitha has much more experience, and I didn't want to risk killing the girl.”
“And now she's hiding from a prince, just like I was.”
“Not exactly the same,” Tabitha told her. “Bianca will sleep until we find a way to teach her.”
“Why not the way you taught me?”
“I tried that,” Helen said, frustration hardening her lilting voice. “She thought I was trying to kill her or curse her father, or any other foolhardy thing her father led her to believe. I sent word to Tabitha when it finally dawned on me to use that fear to drive her out of the kingdom. I let her think I was going to kill her, that I had hired an assassin. That got her moving, made her use some of the magic to get far enough, find people to trust.”
“I thought the evil queen was chasing her.”
The women cackled. “Precisely.”

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@NaughtyNightsPr GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a FIRST EDITION Paperback copy of Blue Moon House: Kitten!

GIVEAWAY! July 16 - August 12th, 2015! Enter to win a FIRST EDITION Paperback of Blue Moon House: Kitten by Bestselling Paranormal Author Angelica Dawson!

This highly erotic, Interracial paranomal romance paperback copy has the ORIGINAL cover by the late, great, Shane Willis of Rad Act Photography and is a COLLECTORS EDITION.

The second book in Blue Moon House series by Angelica Dawson

Find out how each of the characters in the novel "Blue Moon House" became a member. Read the trials and tribulations they had to endure, the kinky sexual acts and wickedly wonderful ways required for entry. Find out what the big secret is all about.

Don't miss each new book in the Blue Moon House series by Angelica Dawson as she takes you back to where it all began...

Jocelyn's Story
How does a twentieth century woman take back control over her own body? By giving that control to the right man.
What if you could have limitless sexual pleasure, at the price of your own blood?
Where does the girl who has done it all go when she wants something new?

Jocelyn considers herself sexually experienced, a leader and manipulator. She is looking for the next challenge. The rumors surrounding Blue Moon House sound like just the thing she's looking for. Losing her roommate to marriage, she needs a new place to stay. Hoping to find both in the same entity, she follows the rumors to their source and finds much more than she bargained for, beginning with a discovery that defies her biological science background – vampires.

WARNING: This book contains sexual acts that may be offensive to some readers. Domination, submission, spanking, bondage, anal penetration, suspension and so much more of the sensual world of BDSM erotic romance can be found between the pages of the Blue Moon House series, and it all began with Jocelyn's Story, Blue Moon House: Kitten

Perhaps even you might like to become a member of the Blue Moon House...