Friday, 22 May 2015

Vampire Friday - Nicholas 3

I'm having fun with the vampire POV, so here's a little more from Nichoals. Make sure you check out the other blogs: Linda Hamonou.

Nicholas returned to the same whorehouse, accompanying other men home and hiding through the day. On the third night, one of the whores took notice of him. She had thick, black curls that bobbed as she approached. Her blue eyes sparkled in a familiar way.
“Follow me,” she said.
“I thought it my night, Sophia,” one john called.
“Not him. Choose me!”
“How did he afford her?” another asked.
“I am unable to pay,” he admitted as they left the parlor together.
“Are you alone?” she asked, fear in her voice. “Who are you? Did others come with you? How many have you killed? Have you uncovered us?”
Alone in one of the boudoirs, Nicholas got a better look at her eyes. They were like his, glittering and faceted. She was another vampire. But how did she come to be a prostitute?
“No, it is only me, Nicholas. I killed a girl almost a week ago, but none since. How do you hide here?”
Sophia, as one of the johns had named her, relaxed and smiled. “By not killing,” she answered glibly.
“How?” he asked again, frustrated.
“We drink only a little, but often. Our partners believe it a natural part of our play, a love bite. Very few think to question it. There are a trusted few to whom we reveal ourselves and drink more deeply. Always, we stop before killing. I haven't killed anyone in over a decade.”
The knowledge shook Nicholas. A decade? He had trouble going ten days without killing someone. Could he last ten years? If he could, he would. He hated the demon that drove him, the one he tried to bind away. He envied Sophia. As a whore, she could sate her hunger as well. He couldn't be a whore, however. How could he live as she did?
“A position to be envied,” he said aloud.
“There are enough men you might find here,” she told him, stepping closer to touch his cheek. Only then did he realize his despair must be written on his face.
He nodded, remembering the last few nights, the men that had invited him to his homes. “I hid in their houses,” he told her. “Staying longer than I was invited.”
Her smile was gentle and warm. “Return here instead,” she suggested. “We spend the days inside.”
“No one questions?”
“Who expects a whore to be about daily business? Also, I took ownership of Blue Moon House several years ago. The girls are all aware of my nature and loyal to me. I worry, if you go, you might inadvertently draw attention to us. Please, stay. At least try it?” She seemed to think he wasn't eager to join her.
It was such a good offer. He would happily shed his nomad ways for a constant supply of blood and lovers. Not prey, just lovers. How he would enjoy that.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 13

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“Time to be done,” he said, wheezing through bruised ribs. He was sure his entire body must be purple and black. Searching, he finally found the princess on a bed, asleep as her father had supposed. She was beautiful, more lovely than any girl he'd had in his bed. And she had the spark of magic. Priceless. Fishing the bean from his pocket he climbed up beside her.
He didn't hesitate, not for a second. This woman would be his. He had walked through hell for her. His lips were forceful on hers, prying them open. When she inhaled, his breath filled her lungs. That was what was needed. The spell wasn't broken with the kiss, but with the vapor that filled his mouth as he bit the bean held between his teeth.
"Ah!" she shouted, scurrying back toward the headboard. “Where's Tabitha?”
"No," he told her, gripping her shoulders to prevent her escape. "I moved heaven and earth for you. You are giving me what I need. Now, would you like to do this here, in relative privacy? Or we can take you home where my father and yours will want to be sure we do this correctly.”
“Why did you free me just to lock me up again?” she asked, voice hard.
“Because. I need a kingdom. You’re going to give it to me. Now, princess, make a little room for your husband.”
Pandora stared in shock at the man pressing himself down on her. He was covered in blood. His hair was matted with it and a crusty mass made up the left side of his face. Could he have been less appealing?
Magnificent, she thought, her eyes watering. He'd killed him. There was no other way he could have gotten in. He was dead. The beautiful dragon that had so fiercely wanted to protect her.
“Oh, don't cry. I won't make it painful.”
Her jaw tightened. Had he killed Tabitha, too? Had she and her mother finished? She still had no idea why Tabitha had gone, what her mother needed. She hoped it was worth it.
He roughly pulled up her skirt and she nearly kicked him. Would have if he weren't still covered in armour that would likely break her toes.
“You aren't even going to take that off?” she asked, batting her eyes and running her hand over the links on his chest.

“Oh, uh, yes. Of course I am.”

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Damsel and Dusk #Flashfiction

A little fantasy for your Tuesday. Check out the other teasers on the blog.

Damsel and Dusk were the only two on the water as the sun slowly set on the horizon. The fairy eyed the insect warily. They were comparable in size, but he was much stronger physically. She had the advantage of magic. However, he posed no threat, pulling his legs against his body like a bow on strings. His friends would swarm soon, joining his music.
Damsel had admired the locust music in the past and tonight was no exception. Dusk played beautifully, hauntingly, but something was missing. There was a hollowness that Damsel couldn’t ignore. She put her hands to her mouth and sang out, blowing music from her into the air between herself and Dusk.
As soon as he did, more locusts landed on the lily pads around her and stopped blowing, afraid of their numbers. She was still alone next to the white lotus. The insects stopped playing as well, all of them watching her, intent.
Fire, Lightning and Dragon flitted down, landing next to Damsel and erecting a magic field around her. The insect chorus hadn’t moved, hadn’t attacked, waiting. She lifted her hands to her mouth again and blew. Fairy and insect joined her magical music.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Vampire Friday - Nicholas 2

Another Friday, another snip of the vampires of Blue Moon House. Nicholas is still finding a place for himself. More Vampires can be found on these blogs: Linda Hamonou and Siren X Star.

He had crossed much of the city, and the smell of fish was non-existent here. Instead there were sheep smells, lanolin, and music. The sound drew him in the same way his victim's voice had repelled. Without thinking, he walked into a house of God and listened to their choir through matins. There were no lay people in the church that he could see, and Nicholas hid away in the confessional. He was surprised to find a priest praying in the next cell. The father crossed himself and addressed Nicholas. “You have come before God, my child.”
“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been sixteen days since my last confession.”
“It is early for confession, my son. You have a full day ahead?”
A day hiding in the rectory if he could manage it. “Yes, Father.”
“Go on, then.”
“I have killed a woman.”
That gave him a safe confessional to stay in for an hour. He spent another twenty minutes doing penance. He'd tried one of the Protestant churches once, but fled when he didn't find a confessional. Since then, he'd stuck to Catholics. They were also more likely to have alms that he could access. The fisherman's clothes were durable, but not well suited to a city. Before leaving the church, he replaced his clothes with some equally rough, but less salt-crusted.
How long since he'd been in a city? The smells were much worse, but it might be easier to find prey. He could stay, if he didn't mind giving into the demon. Of course, more people meant he was more likely to be caught and burned.
He circled around the city as the sun set, its dying rays burning him a little less. He followed a group of gentleman, dressed more finely than himself, but in similar style. Their stockings silk and coats embroidered, complicated lace at their collars. His collar was plain linen and his stockings woollen, but he wasn't turned away when he followed them into a large parlor. While he idled with the men, young ladies came and claimed them, leading them into the house. No one approached Nicholas at first.
All through the city, the smells had been overwhelming, and the same was true here, but the smell wasn't bad, it was intoxicating. This was a house for sex. He didn't stay, knowing he couldn't pay a whore. He was eager for company, though, the smell arousing his sexual hunger, which hadn't been sated at all by the prostitute the night before.
Another man exited and approached Nicholas. “Come,” he said, crooking a finger and walking past. “I don't want a woman tonight.” Nicholas grinned and followed. He had no preference between men and women, a lover was a lover. It was something he had in common with this man.
“I am Luke,” he said as he slowed, Nick falling in step beside him.
“A pleasure, Please don't mind the wife. She should be in bed, but one never knows.” He held the door open and Nicholas slipped inside. Would he be able to stay the day tomorrow? He needed to find some way to care for himself.

FFF - Goodbye #flashfiction

Marion lay on her back in the bottom of the boat, its width giving her room to spread her arms to either side if she wished. She didn’t. She lay perfectly still, corpse still, as the slow current washed her past her home. The willows and cottonwoods were familiar friends, waving branches and leaves over her, waving goodbye.
She could hear birdsong as well, finches and wrens and robins each twittering away to one another in a musical language she sought to understand. She imagined them saying goodbye.
Her phone beeped, ruining the idyllic atmosphere. She knew what it said.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 12

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

That was when he met the fox.
Evilly cunning creature, it set traps for Russel, bits of fur and fluff to make the prince think he knew where the animal was only to have it attack elsewhere. Blood ran down his face from bites and scratches. His boot was gone as were one of his toes. When he connected with the blindingly fast creature, it was killed easily. Russel's sword took the head off in one swing, but not before he'd been badly beaten himself.
Sitting, he downed liquor from his flask, letting it burn through him and give him false strength. He was at the door. Just a few more yards and the girl would be his. He tugged his boot back on, biting back a scream at the pain. Leaning on his sword he stumbled forward, ready for this to be over.
Magnificent spread his wings and beat them twice, nearly knocking the weakened prince over by air alone. He laughed great clouds of smoke that blinded Russel. The prince dropped down, breathing the fresher air below.
A dragon? He was going to fight a dragon? No woman was worth this. No kingdom. The witch take Victor, his wife and his daughter. Russel was finished with the lot. Crazy, every last one of them.
Scooping together his stamina and sword, he pushed himself up, lashing at the great red beast. Pale violet claws narrowly missed him, grating on armour already beaten by a bear. Unlike the bear, her claws tore through the metal, pulling him for a moment before falling backward.
Landing on his ass, he held the sword up as the dragon bent down to bite him.
With a roar, he sprang back, blood dripping from his mouth. He'd managed to hit him. He jumped up again as his tail swung at Russel's legs and stabbed the tip. He somehow slid between the scales, ripping it open. More blood sprayed as he lashed with it.
With more confidence, Russel began looking for other tender bits. One wing was sheared off, but he took a claw to the face, blood running into his eye. He found a weak point under his forelimb and made the dragon step back.
The beast's purple eyes seemed cloudy. Had he scored a lethal blow? He tried for the same spot on the other side and Magnificent, no longer resembling his name, fell with a thud. Russel ran his sword through one of his eyes to be sure the job was done. Then, cleaning the blade on the grass, he limped into the fortress.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Ice Heart #flashfiction

Jennifer looked over her shoulder as she stroked her legs in long strong arcs, flying over the surface of the ice as though it were air. Mary watch in wonder as entered a spin, using all the generate momentum to whirl her in a tight circle. Unable to stand on the sidelines any longer, she opened the penalty box and stepped out onto the ice.
Jennifer was still spinning when Mary reached her, putting her hands on her friend’s shoulders to stop her. Her cheeks were bright pink from the chilly air and she giggled her head still spinning. “I’m getting better at that,” she said.
“You are,” Mary agreed towering over her little friend. Mary played on the girls’ hockey team and was one of their stars. She was at home on the ice, just like Jennifer, but their skates contrasted.
“Think I’ll be ready for my performance next weekend?”
Mary ran a cotton gloved hand down Jennifer’s ponytail, pulling it over her shoulder to rest on the pink jacket Jennifer wore.
“I know you will,” Mary assured her, looking down into Jennifer’s bright eyes.
“Thanks!” She rose onto her toe-pick and laid a small quick kiss on Mary’s lips.

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