Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Sexy Encounter ~ Not Your Bitch from Beyond the Veil @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS127

Saturday greetings! Today I'm sharing from my contribution to the Beyond the Veil box set, available for preorder:

For Zoe, any romantic encounter is a treasure. This poor girl's self-esteem is so low, it take all Linc can do to convince her that he really is interested in her. Here is a sexy encounter where he may have finally made his case:

Linc just stared at her pink nipples, her plump lips, her warm brown eyes and hair. Her ponytail was barely in place with the result tangled on her pillow. Best of all, she was smiling. Not the tiny shy smile he'd seen before; a bright, full, teeth flashing smile.
“You are beautiful.” To make his point, he traced her upturned nose.
Her eyes drooped sleepily. “You're just saying that.”
His glow went out like a snuffed candle. “You are,” he insisted.
“Yeah, really sexy,” she said with unveiled sarcasm, patting at the ring of flesh around her middle.
Linc ran his fingers down her side, over her belly, under her breasts, and over her breasts. He imagined drawing on her skin, shading all the curves to give them depth.
“I am just saying it,” he said at last and her eyes went wide in his peripheral vision. He continued to follow his finger, dark, on her pale marble skin. “I'm saying it without promises, without strings, without my own reasons. Just saying it.”

A sexy encounter.

Friday, 5 February 2016

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Flasher Fiction Friday - Baby, it's cold outside #flashfiction

Here's my take on the picture. I imagined the sun peeking through spruce needles over a snowscape. Check out what everyone else saw by hopping to the blog.

Eliza wriggled against the ropes securing all her limbs tight to her body. Unable to work her limbs, she shivered and shuddered, cold water falling down her brow.
“Please, sir.”
Ben lifted her and set her down on her knees, her nipples drawing into tight points in the snow.
“You’re cold? I can help with that.” He prodded at her pussy. She was so tight, doubled up as she was. It didn’t help that she was freezing in the dim morning light.
Ben was relentless, and the more he worked her open, the warmer she became.
“Yes, sir,” she moaned.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Jack and the Magical Beanstalk @pablomichaels1 #gay #romance #fairytale #adultfairytale

Pablo Michaels transforms Jack and the Beanstalk 
into a new adult fairy tale

In this adult fairy tale young, awkward, young Jack sells their prize cow Pearly White for magical beans to a strange man in a red bikini. Little does Jack’s mother, Lorene, know that the beans grow into a giant, magical beanstalk, high above the clouds?

Jack ascends the beanstalk to a land where a Giant Slave serves his larger Master, Jack begs Slave for food to satisfy his hunger from his long journey. But Jack finds Master hoarding treasures.

Attempting to escape the wrath of Master and Slave with the treasures, Jack encounters a handsome, engaging normal sized human man. Sam lives with others that live naturally without clothing deep in the forest. As Jack ages he becomes a handsome man, just like his father, attracting many men, including the two farmhands, Zeke and Adam.

Even though Jack has enabled the farm to prosper with the treasures he stole from Master and is met with increasing danger, he climbs the magical beanstalk again and again to find more treasures and pursue Sam.

There was plenty of food to eat, and the farm prospered. Lorene started looking younger and more attractive. Jack was no longer thin and weak. His body was admired by girls, boys his age, and men, especially Zeke and Adam. He developed muscles to fill out his large frame, looking more like his father every day.  
One day while working with Zeke, when Adam was at market, Jack paused and scrutinized Zeke, who worked with his shirt off. Zeke noticed Jack’s interest from the corner of his eye. He wiped the sweat from his brow with his right hand and slid his left hand from his neck to his ribcage, down to his bellybutton. Then his fingers traced over his belt buckle to the swelling bulge in his trousers. Closely observing Jack’s reaction, Zeke grinned. He turned toward Jack, who was wiping his brow and unbuttoning his shirt. Zeke started walking through the field toward Jack. They both stared at each other, feeling something carnal. As Zeke approached, Jack started toward Zeke until they were close enough to kiss. Zeke leaned in and kissed Jack. Slowly removing their remaining clothes, they settled on a comfortable spot under a large, old elm tree. Lying down next to Zeke, Jack explored the farmhand’s hairy chest, which was very much like his father’s had been. Jack had only a few sprouts on his nipples and a line running from his ribcage to his navel. While his mouth sucked on Zeke’s nipples, one of Jack’s hands cupped Zeke’s hard dick delicately. The young man was inhibited and proceeded cautiously, as this was his first time with a man. Zeke, lying motionless but aroused, allowed Jack to explore his body. Zeke finally took command, rolling Jack on his back. Expressing his sexual attraction for the younger man, Zeke kissed the crown of Jack’s penis, opening his mouth and swallowing his cock to his balls. After a slight hesitation, he slid his lips firmly up and down Jack’s shaft, slowly at first, then gradually moving faster and faster, until Jack lifted his pelvis and groaned in satisfaction.  
After staying in that position momentarily, Zeke stood up. ”You can have mine tonight when your mom and Adam fall asleep. We’ll continue this, more comfortably, in your bed. I’ll come to your bedroom around midnight.” They both dressed and went back to work, toiling aggressively to prove their strength and endurance before each other.
Jack was ecstatic while they thinned the sprouts of corn, anxiously anticipating more action after his first sexual moment with a man; one who still aroused him, indicated by the his erection bulging beneath his trousers.  
At midnight, Zeke entered the room, naked, and slipped quietly into bed with Jack. They fondled and kissed for a long time, until Zeke whispered in his ear, “What would you like to try tonight? I can tell by your dick you’re hungry to be satisfied. Do you want me to suck it again? Or do you want to try mine?”  
“I want to do you so bad, but I’d love for you to suck me until I’m dry. Is there any way we could do it together?” Jack panted and squirmed, feeling Zeke’s skin touching his own.  
“Yes. It’s called sixty-nine. Let me show you how it is done, or have you already imagined what to do?”  
Jack nodded his understanding of how to proceed.  
“Show me how you’d like to do it then.” 
Jack rolled Zeke onto his back. While sitting up, Jack tossed the sheet and blanket over the foot of the bed. “Scoot your body down.” 
 Zeke followed his instructions. “Let your fantasies go wild.”
Reversing his position, Jack perched his knees above Zeke’s head and lowered his crotch to Zeke’s open mouth. When Zeke’s lips locked onto the young man’s dick, Jack bent his head down to the farmhand’s erect cock. His mouth descended on Zeke’s large penis to his balls, sending a rippling roll of chills throughout Jack’s body. He raised his head and repeated the movement. Zeke responded, pulling Jack’s crotch to his mouth and then pushing it up, just enough for the tip of his penis to remain in his mouth. He adjusted his movements to accommodate Jack’s awkward jerks until they were in unison, ultimately satisfying each other with simultaneous blowjobs.  
Jack collapsed on top of Zeke and then rolled onto his side.   
Zeke maneuvered his body until his head lay beside Jack’s. “Hey, stud, that’s some fantasy. You were a bit sloppy at first, but after a while you kept up with our rhythm. I couldn’t have taught you better myself.”  
“I still crave more of you.” Jack’s confession was made clear by the erection he still maintained in the dim light.  
“No problem. I can take care of that.” Zeke understood the hormones raging in the young man’s body. He rolled Jack onto his back to suck his dick a second time. But when Jack came close to orgasm, Zeke ceased sucking, loosening his lips until Jack’s cock stopped throbbing and he gradually stopped panting so strenuously. Then Zeke continued, practicing this procedure several times until Jack’s hands grabbed Zeke’s head, forcing it down to his groin, finally climaxing a second time.
After they lie recuperating and their breathing returned to normal, they talked until nearly dawn, and then Zeke slipped out of Jack’s bedroom.

5.0 out of 5 stars Author Pablo Michaels does it again!
By Ray Sostre on January 8, 2016
 This was a story that was not only outside-the-box, but a very good story that was never dull and filled with absolute fun. Author Pablo Michaels came across with another worthy read. Although, the story is short and meant to be that way, but the book is definitely worth getting. You’ll love the flow of the story from start to finish, and it has a neat fairytale ending to the story
Ray Sostre - AfterDark Online

5.0 out of 5 stars A Sensual Adaptation of Adventurous Youth: Delicious, Decadent and Delectable
By PA Jiuditta on January 5, 2016
 This piece really reflects Pablo Michaels’ creativity. His string of word choices is clever and wraps the scene in vivid visuals. The imagery is sublime. Who is the old man, the stranger, and what does he have to do with Jack and his mother? Pablo has cleverly added poignant character depth by infusing some of Jack's genesis, his family, parents and farm life, even expanded upon it to describe the hardship which was the reason the cow was traded in the first place.
We have a strumming and artful gold harp—delightful—a young man running into forest. When they run into the thicket, do they meet all the other naked men? Are they slaves of the Giant? The panic and fright caused by the Giant was wonderfully underscored in his careful descriptions. I love these, 'rumbles of thunder', 'like a fox on a hunt', 'where daylight became dimmer'. Also his use of the 'thump, crunch' and the cackling hen really added an element of tension and heart pounding pursuit that was so tangible.
This was a cleverly layered piece that I think was a bang on perfect tie-in for the original fairytale story. Pablo adds depth to their situation and tragedy, multiple layers of tension and understanding. I love the fairytale as a child. I love this story as an adult; just love it. It is a well-crafted, beautifully developed, very sensuous taste of adventurous youth that just kept getting better. To the hilt: delicious, decadent and delectable.

5.0 out of 5 stars A New Spin On A Timeless Classic!
By Imagine The Possibilities on January 1, 2016
I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author. This review is my honest opinion and was not asked of me.
Jack and the Magical Beanstalk (Yellow Silk Dreams) by author Pablo Michaels is a testament, of sorts, to the story Jack and The Beanstalk... but from a Gay perspective. This story does follow the premise from the fairy tale in its simplicity but from a very different perspective than its original form. There is definitely some new material here than what most of America knows of the original story, the tale we have all heard so many times. Well, now you can hear it again! This time you will meet several new characters. You will feel the emotion of the young man "jack", as he discovers other young men.
I loved it! I have never read a book from the LGBT genre, but I may read more. This story is highly entertaining to say the least. Pablo Michaels has spun a fantastic "gay" web around Jack. Did Jack know he was gay? I don't think he did, but the story leads him along and helps him discover himself. Not only does he find himself, but he finds true love.
What a wonderful depiction! Bravo Pablo Michaels, Bravo! I would recommend this title to anyone 18+

5.0 out of 5 stars Not the same old Jack…Old and new collide to bring a fresh face to this old classic
By Robin on December 20, 2015

Mr. Michael’s brought life and a new pop to this old classic. He gave us insight into the dynamics of being raised by a single parent. He molded the old and new into a beautiful piece of imagery with depth making it easy to relate to the hardships and lessons that are learned along the way. Mr. Michael’s adapted Jack making him easily fit into the 21st century while keeping the old charm that made this story a classic.
Mr. Michael’s subtly slipped in analogies which gave the story a bit of humor only adding to the delightfully well written layering of the original fairytale. He brought a sensuous quality to Jack that gave him more dimension and depth.
Pablo Michael’s has created a magical journey into the world of fairytales. I look forward to more.

About the Author
Pablo Michaels is a gay man who writes gay romantic genre fiction from a gay man’s perspective. He is driven to educate and enlighten readers with the true beauty of love between men. He has published several books over the span of the last five years. He has found a new home to publish his stories with Yellow Silk Dreams, a publisher composed of a coop of authors. He grew up in a working class family that taught him the values of hard work, regardless of the profession, and helped him acquire a diverse education. The family motto is “People can take everything away from you. But they never can take away your education.” He is legally married to his soulmate, a man he has lived with for twenty years.
He was born in a story “Raging Silence” which is included in the book “This Beautiful Escape” The silence raging in Pablo Michaels was his inherit sexual orientation, suppressed in his adolescent years. Through years of struggles he finds peace in his current life with his legal husband, a partnership of 20 years.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Thursday Taster - Woman's Best Friend - #AlphaShiftersAfterDark #paranormal #romance #shifter

If you pre-ordered Alpha Shifters After Dark, you can download it now! If you haven't yet picked up a copy, don't hesitate. They are only available for a limited time. I have another Taste of Woman's Best Friend.

Action, passion, danger, and true love: alpha shifters rule the night in this red-hot collection of ***NEW*** stories by your favorite Amazon, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors.
Pre-order now!

Join us for 12 sizzling stories of seductive shifters ready to battle any foe to claim their fated mates.
Featuring werewolves, bears, cougars, coyotes, and scorching-hot dragons in never-before-seen stories guaranteed to keep temperatures high and the pages turning.
Limited time deal so grab it while you can!

Check out all the great tasters on the blog.

“I’ll train you well, Puppy.”
His towel was tenting. Soon he’d be poking right out. She kept her eyes on his face for the most part, though they slipped to his throat and chest from time to time.
“Oh!” she said in mock surprise. “What’s this?” She brushed the towel and it parted to expose him.
“I’m sorry—”
“For me?” she asked sweetly, wrapping her hand around it.
“Is that what comes now that I’m groomed?”
She kept her grip loose, barely brushing him as she slid her hand up and back. “Oh, you’re not groomed yet, Puppy. You’re just clean. However, this will make grooming difficult.” She stroked harder, the beads forming at his tip let her hand slide. “Best we take care of it before you get yourself all dirty again.”
Closing her fist on him, she tugged. It propelled him forward and once there, she simply had to lean over and open her mouth.
“Fuck, Judy.”
“Yes, Ma’am,” he agreed. His hands found her hair, brushing through it while she stroked and sucked him. He wanted those breasts, that ass. He started to reach lower, but she stopped stroking, so he froze as well.
“Can I touch you, Ma’am?” He brushed her ear.
“You may.”
He stepped even closer and the majority of Loren’s cock disappeared down her mouth and throat. He slid his hands inside her robe and under the straps of her nightie. He pushed those down and tried to reach for her breasts, however doing so moved his cock away from her mouth. Before long, he was just touching her face, ready to come any time.
“Are you going to come for me, Puppy?” she asked, swirling her tongue around him again.
“Yes, Ma’am,” he groaned, erupting in her hot, wet mouth.

#MidWeekTease @crystaldawnauth Secret Desire in #AlphaShiftersAfterDark #99cents #paranormal #romance

My tease this week is another from Alpha Shifters After Dark, this one by Crystal Dawn!
Action, passion, danger, and true love: alpha shifters rule the night in this red-hot collection of ***NEW*** stories by your favorite Amazon, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors.
Pre-order now!

Join us for 12 sizzling stories of seductive shifters ready to battle any foe to claim their fated mates.
Featuring werewolves, bears, cougars, coyotes, and scorching-hot dragons in never-before-seen stories guaranteed to keep temperatures high and the pages turning.
Limited time deal so grab it while you can!

Crystal includes Secret Desire, the second book of the Erotic Fantasies series. Each story in this series is a standalone, so don't worry about missing the first. Here's a short but sweet teaser!

“Oh, God.” She couldn’t help herself. She was already lost with what he was doing now but she was overwhelmed and incredibly turned on by what he said he was about to do.
“I want a taste first.” He licked his fingers then he slid lower. “A real taste not just a lick.” He winked at her and desire tightened her stomach. The man was fucking gorgeous and at least for tonight he was all hers.

When she's not out hunting rogue vampires and werewolves, you can find Crystal Dawn out exploring the galaxy. She can do it all without ever leaving her computer. She kicks ass, takes names, and puts it all down for the enjoyment of her readers. At least that's what I think she told me. Writing came as a natural outlet for her overly creative mind. The start of her stories is the easy part. Finishing them is a little harder when all the stories are in there trying to get out. She loves reading, chocolate, fine sweet wine, and traveling among a large list of pursuits. Her favorite people, after her family and close friends, are her readers who she says are some of the most wonderful people in this galaxy and the next.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Missed you #Japanese #lesbian #romance

I'm glad people have been enjoying my Japanese story. Here's another 200 word tease. Yuki is moving in with Eiko. Don't forget to read all the other teasers by visiting our blog.

Yuki dragged her feet on her way to class. It had been three days and she still hadn’t seen Eiko. Thoughts of rejection stole her attention from the professors that deserved. Her work suffered, a sense of ennui preventing her from working on assignments, from exemplary performance.
What had gone wrong? Eiko-chan had engaged Yuki as much as the reverse. Surely she hadn’t been offended. Was Yuki not a good lover? Had Eiko feigned her climax so she could be free of Yuki’s clumsy kisses and greedy hands and pussy?
With each day, Yuki became more morose, looking up from her feet less and less. She noticed a pair of brown leather shoes that stayed in her field of vision, even when she turned into the ladies’ room.
Looking at herself in the mirror, Yuki saw blue bags under her slanted eyes, strands of black hair falling over them. She almost started crying again, and would have if a spark of red weren’t at her left, standing in the shoes that had followed her.
“Good morning, Yuki-chan,” Eiko said, smiling. She lifted a hand and wiggled her fingers at Yuki’s reflection.
Yuki turned and seized the other woman in a hug.