Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #4

I'm hoping to have something new to excerpt soon, but for the time being, I'll continue to share from Gentleman.

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“Harrold, the Baskins are having a dinner Thursday. You will escort me.
Harrold paused in sipping his tea. “Thursday. I'm afraid Corbin has me booked late that evening.”
“You shall come after,” Veronica told him.
“Yes, dear.” He might have argued, but she would win in the end. She always did.
He never seriously considered divorcing her—he couldn't turn out a woman, even one as cold as Veronica. Even as she wore him down, he couldn't help but see the girl he married when he looked at her for longer than a moment, a girl he had wanted to shelter and protect.
“You will also inform Virgil that the rose in the back is getting out of control.”
Harrold set the china on its saucer. He'd never understood Veronica's need for him to speak with the slaves.
“Your mother requires a new settee as well.”
Harrold rubbed his hand over his forehead. “What is wrong with the one she has?”
“Have you seen it? It's striped. I won't have it in the house.” Veronica waved a hand dismissively.
As though speaking of her had spurred her to action, his mother, Anne, appeared with a black slave behind her. Her wicker chair had metal wheels on it and creaked as it moved.
“Harrold, Veronica.”
“How are you this morning, Mother?” Veronica asked.
“I ache,” she complained. “The mattress may be at an end. Also, if I'm to spend so much time in one room, it must be larger.”
Harrold added another total to his mental ledger. It was a habit bred from his employment. He kept accounts for Corbin Cooper and several others. His funds could not accommodate everything the women demanded.
“There are no larger rooms, Mother.” He and Veronica had moved to the smaller one.
“Indeed,” Mother said, setting her teacup down. “Perhaps a larger house. One that could accommodate grandchildren.”
Harrold braced himself by the forearms on the edge of the table, hanging his head. If Veronica would let him fully enter her, they might have children already. However, even those first few times, she cried in pain and pushed him away. He hadn't tried in months. Turning his fork, he pressed it into the palm of his hand, the pain relieving other tension. The women wouldn't kill him, but they might come close.
Abandoning the rest of his breakfast, Harrold found his appetite gone. “I am needed at the office.” He would seek more businessmen for more books. If the women continued to make demands as they had the last year, he would need a way to pay for it. Also, more time in the office was preferable to that spent in their company. If this had been a one-time request, he wouldn't let it bother him. However, the demands were constantly increasing and they seemed to talk of little else.
Dark-skinned Virgil was in the carriage house, seeing to one of his many chores: the horses.
“The missus would like you to trim the rose hedge.”
“Of course, sir. I'll see to it next, sir. Anything else, sir?”
“Knock me unconscious with that brush,” he said in a quiet mutter. The slave didn't blink, but a smile came to the corner of his mouth. “No, Virgil, thank you,” Harrold finished in a louder voice.
“Thank you, sir.”
Harrold walked the eight blocks to Corbin's office house. He and several barristers worked in the many rooms of the house. One small room held the numerous ledgers and folders of receipts and records. Harrold had just opened the book belonging to one of the shipping lines employing the lawyers when Corbin knocked on his door.
“You're in early,” he said.
“Wanted a head start.” Harrold peered at the book rather than his employer.
“I need you on Thursday,” he said. Despite what he'd told Veronica, Corbin hadn't said anything about Thursday before now.
Harrold sighed. “Veronica expects me at the Baskins'”
“Ah, perfect. That's where I wanted to see you. I need help landing a new client, the widow Pearson.”
“Well, I shall be there.” Corbin had often used Harrold to charm wives and daughters of potential clients. He rarely did more than kiss hands and exude natural charm, but one or two of those had given him what his wife would not. A widow, a likely prospect for business—no wonder that Corbin wanted him there.
After a lunch with several other businessmen, Harrold had charge of a new ledger, which he worked on late into the evening. Detouring on his way home, he gave Delores the bad news.
“Both Veronica and my employer have need of me Thursday. I will come later, but I'm sorry to say I'll be at the Baskins' party for hours.”
“I'm sorry to hear that. She is quite selective. I will tell her, though. Thank you for letting me know. Are you coming in?” She stepped aside.
“I have had nothing to eat and am famished.”

Delores pursed her lips. “I might feed you, if you earned it.”

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Making it

Welcome to another Tantalizing Tuesday. Please visit the blog and enjoy all the tantalizing teasers.
“Hey, Jenna, what are you-“ Linda cut off, seeing Jenna with her nose inches from a stack of photographs. With a heavy sigh, she came into Jenna’s room. “Girl, you have to get over it.” She put her hand in the scant space between Jenna and the photograph of her holding hands while skateboarding beside Charlie. “It’s been three months. He isn’t coming back. Come out with me tonight. I promise light-hearted fun and no set ups.” Linda had tried to pair Jenna up once since Charlie walked out on her and knew better than to try that again.

Jenna looked up and help Linda’s gaze. “With Penelope?” she asked.

Linda frowned slightly. “Well, no. We’re off again. I mean, no hard feelings, not like you, just…going our separate ways.”

“Oh.” She looked down again for a minute. “Can we stay in?”

Linda sat beside Jenna on her bed and pulled the stack of photos out of her hands. “Whatever you like. Tequila shots, beers, pizza, red velvet cupcakes, you want it, I’ll get it or make it.”

“Make it,” Jenna whispered. Then she leaned over and pressed her lips to Linda’s, gently and with trepidation.

“I can make that.”

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday Tasters - Gentleman #3

I know, I know, another excerpt from Gentleman... I'll change it up soon, promise. Find more interesting and varied things by visiting the blog.

“Shall I find someone for you?”
“There seems to be someone here.” He smiled at Delores. She was several years older than him, perhaps even a decade, but her body still fit the mold her corset made for it. Harrold reached for the laces hanging from the base of it.
Crack. Harrold's hand snapped back. The erection that had been flagging rose again in his trousers.
“You think to touch me, sir? You think I'm still one of these girls for you to take on your knee?”
Crack. Harrold shuddered, sinking to his knees.
“Yes, kneel for me, gentle sir. Show me how low I can bring you.”
“Kiss my slipper.”
Had he known, he'd have approached Delores sooner. This. This is what he wanted, what he needed. The freedom to be as low and as vile as he could. To be the opposite of what filled his days.
On his hands and knees, he put his lips to the embroidered fabric covering her foot. The feet slipped out of his sight and another slap of the belt landed on his bottom.
“Remove these.” Delores lifted the fabric from his rear, a cool breeze running over his warm, red skin.
He didn't rise, rocking back on his haunches and releasing the buttons of his fly.
“Cover that with your hand. There is a lady present.” The belt tapped on the front of his thigh, brushing his throbbing and dripping erection.
Taking himself in both hands, he closed his eyes. His head was pulled back by his dark curls and Harrold opened his eyes to Delores' blue ones. The leather tapped his cheek, the smell making him mad. His hand slid over his length, soft skin over hardness.
Crack. “You would stroke yourself in my presence?”
Crack. “Who do you think you are?”
Crack. “Who do you think is in command here?”
Crack. Harrold's hand didn't stop and after the fourth lashing, he screamed out, the throbbing erupting from him.
“You are a dirty man, Harry. I think you will enjoy Blue Moon House.”
Harrold braced himself on his hands and knees, shaking. “That was-”
“Only the beginning.” His belt landed on the floor beside him. The embroidered slippers turned, so he seized an ankle to stop her.
“Thank you.” He barely recognized his own rasping voice.
“Would you like Miranda? To help clean you up?”
“No. I can't stay.” He stood, pulling up his pants.
“You are always welcome here, Mister Long. However, I think you need more than we can offer.”
Harrold rolled his shoulders, trying to shake off the discomfort of heading home. “Oh, I think you might offer more, Delores.”
Her lips, lined with fine wrinkles, curled up. “I might, but Lynn will offer so much more.”
He pulled on his shirt, stepping between Delores and the door. “You were in Blue Moon House. They did this to you?”
Her blue eyes narrowed slightly. Then she bared her teeth in a predatory smile. “I can tell you nothing. No one may tell the secrets of Blue Moon House.” Delores swept her skirts past him and out the door. “Thursday,” she reminded him.

You've tasted, go try some more.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - More than meets the eye

Welcome to another Tantalizing Tuesday. Please visit the blog and enjoy all the tantalizing teasers.

Beatrice walked smoothly through the doorway, hand brushing the door, but not searching for it. Her foot made a graceful arc, ensuring the path was clear. One hand leisurely at her side, the other held a bowl full of roses. She couldn’t know they were white, but they smelled white.

She took sure steps to the bed and pulled something from beneath it. Her fingers ran quickly over the covers, making sure they were all straight. Then she set the tray in the middle and the roses atop that. Finally she took candles and candle sticks out of the bottom dresser drawer. Once they were in place beside the roses, she retrieved the matchbook. She struck a match just as the door opened. Perfect.

“Bea? Where are you?”


Familiar arms wrapped around Beatrice, pulling her close and breathing in her hair. She did the same, filling her nose and fingers with him.

“And where did you get this?” he asked, slipping a finger under one strap of her negligee.

Beatrice just giggled. “A girl can’t shop on her own?”

“Do you have any idea how good you look in it?”

Feeling him hard against her, she did.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #2

Following up on last week, I have a sample from the second Blue Moon House prequel, Gentleman.

And remember, once you've indulged in my sample, share the love and visit all the other authors offering their own taste. Thursday Tasters Blog

"How serious are you about this, Harrold?”
Harrold had asked the girls to call him Harry, and worse things, in their bedrooms but Delores had only ever called him Mister Long or sir.
“Serious about what?”
“The abasement, the pain. Are you sure they are what you want?”
He thought about Veronica, her icy eyes and fingers, the way she called him Harrold and Husband as though he were just another object. No fire, no passion in Veronica, just constant demands. She wore him down faster than a belt with no release at the end. Erosion, not a landslide. A low simmer instead of a raging boil.
“It's not enough, Delores. It simply isn't enough.” He might lie with one of her girls, but without this first, it was empty. Hollow.
Delores rubbed cream into his burned wrists, erasing the marks from the ropes. “Then you should meet with her. Come again Thursday. She'll be here then.”
“Who is she?” he asked.
“Have you heard of Blue Moon House?”
Harrold frowned. All of the whore houses had names. This was Peach House; down the block were Rose House and Black Tea House. He'd never heard of one called Blue Moon though.
“You are about to be initiated,” Delores said, collecting her things. She picked up his belt as she put things away.
“Initiated? What kind of whores are they?”
“They are not whores. They will take your money, should you give it, but ask for nothing except obedience. You would be a slave to them.”
“And pay for the privilege?” he asked amused.
“Yes, for they know exquisite torture. I was once in the House. That is why I can invite Lynn. The House is secret, Harrold. It is only for those who want what they offer, who want this.” She brought the leather of his belt down on his thigh, making him wince.
“I'll be back on Thursday,” he agreed.
“Shall I find someone for you?”
“There seems to be someone here.” He smiled at Delores. She was several years older than him, perhaps even a decade, but her body still fit the mold her corset made for it. Harrold reached for the laces hanging from the base of it.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - The Truth

Another Tuesday, another tease. Mine isn't as spicy as what you will find on the blog, but I hope you like it anyway.

Hannah was sure she was supposed to feel different. After all, her life had completely changed, hadn’t it? She wasn’t a child any longer, moving out on her own. She wasn’t a student, opting to do rather than learn. She was completely responsible for herself. Shouldn’t that all mean something? Wasn’t she supposed to feel grown up? She didn’t feel any different at all. She wasn’t scared.

“There’s my girl,” Dustin said, coming and taking her hand. “Got room for me?”

She smiled at the boy beside her, the one that had taken her to the prom. She wasn’t a virgin any longer either. That in itself didn’t feel different. It had been two months later when she had any real indication that things had changed. She ran her hand over her belly. She still didn’t quite believe the test results. She didn’t feel pregnant.

Dustin gave her hand a squeeze. He knew the result and this was his response. He would follow her. And yet, she was on her own.

 “Always,” she said with a smile. Maybe she could be responsible for someone else now. Maybe it wouldn’t be that hard.

And maybe she was lying to herself.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #1

Dips toes into water

Just a taste, right? Even I can do that, right? Sure. Here's a sample from the second Blue Moon House prequel which I hope will release sometime this year. Currently called Gentleman, I think you can figure out why.

And remember, once you've indulged in my sample, share the love and visit all the other authors offering their own taste. Thursday Tasters Blog

Harrold sucked breath through his teeth. The belt was his own, removed from the trousers he still wore. His shirt formed a white pool in the corner and his black jacket hung from the bedpost.
Crack. Creak.
The wood of the bedpost groaned as Harrold pulled on the hemp rope securing his hands on the other side. However, he fought the pain and the desire to scream.
The burning intensified and a scream erupted, echoing off the walls. He heard the door open and looked over his shoulder, panting as the pain leaked away.
“Still alive in here?” the mistress of the house asked. She clicked her tongue. “You broke the skin, Miranda. I'm sorry, sir. I'll bring bandages.”
The girl dropped the belt in a clatter, running to untie his hands. Her normally dusky complexion was white with red lines tracking her cheeks.
Harrold seized her hands as soon as his were free. “I asked. You did nothing wrong. Thank you.”
“I-I can't do this, Harry. I'm not- I'm weak.”
He smiled, brown eyes dancing in relief and joy. “Your arm felt strong a minute ago.”
She squeaked and more tears fell.
“Go collect yourself, Miranda,” Delores, the Madam, ordered. Cool wet cloths were spread on his back. “Mister Long, that is the third girl you've made a blubbering mess.”

“If I must, I'll find another house.” There were several brothels that would be glad of his business.

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